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Baskerville Falls: Lodge
Baskerville Falls: Li House
Baskerville Falls: Jail
Baskerville Falls: General Store
Baskerville Falls: Hostel
Baskerville Falls: Doctors House
Baskerville Falls: Chinese Rooming Gambling House
Baskerville Falls: Chinese Laundry
Baskerville Falls: Barn
Baskerville Falls: Barbershop
This is Baskerville Falls
Bakery Installed
Attention to Details
Always Something New
Fully Dressed in 3D
Sunsets on Wy’s Cafe
An Inside Look
EA Visit
Reference Hunt
3D Woman’s Hair
3rd Cinematic Prototype
Dressing Up 3D Characters
GDD Writing
1st 3D Character Up
Building Frenzy
3D Human Face
3D Human Hair
Texturing Buildings
Building Baskerville Falls
2nd Cinematic Prototype
First Nations References
UI Notebook Linked [Video]
First 3D Clothing
Cinematics Wiring
Abacus Mini Game
Website Connection Facelift
Radical Visit
Town Highlights
3D Character Modelling
Change in Process of Development
Cinematics Prototyped
Unity Audio Test
3D Abacus
1st Test Drive
UI Dimension Issue
2D Character is In
Outsourcing 3D Character Modelling
Keeping Track
3D Store Shelved
CT2 Advice
New Buildings
Stove Texture
Town’s Map getting Shape
Learning by Doing
Falling Back to Excel
Proposal is Up
1st Unity Demo on Our Website
1st Scene Audio
1st 3D Fish
C D Hoy
Unity Advisor
Big Day
Placing General Store [Video]
Enriched Environment
Enriched Environment [Video]
Fascinating Evolvement
1st 2D Character is Born
Ideas for Look & Feel [Video]
Main Structure is About to Get a Facelift [Video]
Populating Main Structure [Video]
Concept Character Design
Populating Main structure
Concept Art
Praises to Our 3D Art Team
Shocking Absence of Chinese Pioneers
Website Connected
A Town is Born
Website Turns Gold
3D Modelling in Action: Our 1900′s World [Video]
3D Modelling in Action: Our Main Structure [Video]
On Track and Rolling
Story Period Description
Unity Update
Shrinking to Expend
Website is Up and Running
Main Structure is Born
New Team
A New Recruit
UBC Mobile Museum Design Team
Integrated Team Showcase: Website
Integrated Team Showcase: UI
Integrated Team Showcase: Story Characters
Integrated Team Showcase: Concept Art
Integrated Team Showcase: Research & Story
Integrated Team Showcase: 3D Modelling
Integrated Team Showcase: 3D Environment
Organizing Our Project
Integrated Team Showcase
Audio & Newspaper Prototype [Video]
Testing 3D Environment in Unity