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Note: The way that Chinese personal names and village names appeared in English could vary widely. For instance, the family name "譚" may appear as Ham, Hom, Hum, Tom, Tam, Thom. The village name "渡頭" is spelled in 18 different ways. Click here for more examples.


基本搜索: 用戶可在搜索欄中輸入一個或多個關鍵字,再點擊搜索鍵,便可於所有領域內進行相關搜索。向下滾動頁面,於搜索結果列上點擊個別條目查看詳細的結果。若未能找到所查閱的資料,請嘗試進階搜索。用戶亦可使用通配符號來擴大檢索範圍,只需在搜索的字前或後加上星號[*],本系統便會配上字元,列出所有可能的結果。例如:*ang 可檢索到 Ang, Chang, Fang等相關結果。

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注意:「人名」和「村名」的名字當年經加拿大移民局關員拼寫成英文後,名稱的英文拼法可以出現很大的差異,例如:「譚」這個姓,在人頭稅登記冊中被拼寫成Ham, Hom, Hum, Tom, Tam, Thom等等。又如「渡頭」村,拼法便有十八種。可點擊查看更多例子。

Variant Forms of Romanization for 白沙 (Taishan 台山)

  • Back Sa
  • Back Saer
  • Back San
  • Back Sar
  • Back Ser
  • Back Shar
  • Backshar
  • Bak La
  • Bak Lai
  • Bak Sa
  • Bak Sack
  • Bak Sah
  • Bak Sahr
  • Bak Sai
  • Bak Sam
  • Bak San
  • Bak Sar
  • Bak Sha
  • Bak Shai
  • Bak Shar
  • Bak Shat
  • Bak Shen
  • Bak Sheuk
  • Bak Sar (or Nam Long)
  • Pack Shan
  • Pack Shar
  • Packshar
  • Pack Shu
  • Pah Sha
  • Pak Cha
  • Pak Sah
  • Pak San
  • Pak Sar
  • Pak Sha
  • Pak Sha Une
  • Pak Shar
  • Pak Sue
  • Pang Sa
  • Pang Sar Hang
  • Pang Sha
  • Pang Shar
  • Par Sar Long
  • Par Shar
  • Park San
  • Park Sar
  • Bak Shor
  • Bak Shr
  • Bak Shuk
  • Bak Shut
  • Bak Suck
  • Bak Sun
  • Bak Thut
  • Bark Sar
  • Bark Sun
  • Bat Shar
  • Bok Sha
  • Bok Shar
  • Buck Sa
  • Buck Sah
  • Buk Sah
  • Buk Shai
  • Buk Shar
  • Packhar
  • Pack Sam
  • Pack San
  • Packsar
  • Pack Sha

Variant Forms of Romanization for 渡頭 (Zhongshan 中山)

  • Boo Tow
  • Dao Tow
  • Do How
  • Do Tow
  • Doe Tow
  • Dok Daw
  • Doo Fow
  • Doo How
  • Doo Low
  • Doo Taw
  • Doo Tow
  • Dootow
  • Dow Tow
  • To Tan
  • To Tau
  • To Taw
  • To Tow
  • Totoon
Name Date Registered Port of Entry Birth County Birth Village
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