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Title: [Lee Family History]

Creator: Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association

Date Created: 2011

Sort Date: 2011

Description: Document regarding the history of the Lee family. In 1910, Rhoda Chow's (also known as Rose Lee) was born to a Chinese Canadian mother in China. She returned to Canada at the age of two with her parents who paid $500 Head Tax for Rhoda Chow. In 1927, she married Chiang Kai Lee (also known as Sing Lee) and owned a cafe in Trail. They had eight children.

Subject: Domestic life ; Families

Subject - Geographic: Kamloops (B.C.)

Personal Names: Lee, William ; Chow, Rhoda ; Lee, Chiang Kai ; Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association ; Lee, Lillian ; Lee, Pearl ; Lee, Stanley ; Lee, William ; Lee, Henry ; Lee, Penny ; Lee, Don ; Lee, Allan ; Gin, Eric ; Gin, Hong ; Gin, Daniel ; Gin, Virginia ; Gin, Joyce ; Gin, Annette ; Chan, Herb ; Chan, Gregory ; Davis, Sharon ; Tong, Judy ; Lee, Dawn ; Lee, Quen ; Hawman, Anne ; Lee, Jenny ; Irvine, Bonnie ; Bristow, Eileen ; Lee, Christopher ; Lee, Stephen ; Lee, Richard ; Chong, George ; Chong, Russell ; Chong, Michael ; Chong, Garrett ; Chong, Pamela ; Hooper, Dorothy ; Sinclair, Danelle

Genre: Miscellaneous documents

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Language: English

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Is Part Of: Lee Family Fonds

Source: Original Format: Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association

Publisher - Digital: Vancouver : University of British Columbia Library

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chi Title: [李氏家族史]

chi Description: 關於李氏家族史的文件。Rhoda Chow (又名 Rose Lee) 於1910年出生於中國。其母是加拿大華人,兩歲時與父母返加,繳付$500 人頭稅。在1927年,Rhoda Chow 跟 Chiang Kai Lee (又名 Sing Lee) 結婚後遷往 Trail,開辦餐館。兩人育有八名子女。

chi Personal Names: 甘露市中華文化協會