[Obituary of Sue Marr]

[Obituary of Sue Marr]

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Title: [Obituary of Sue Marr]

Creator: Marr, Harry

Date Created: 2011-02

Sort Date: 2011-02

Description: Brief biography of Sue Marr. Sue Marr passed away when she was 100 years old. She married Danny Marr in 1928. She stayed in China to raise their children Harry Marr and Frank Marr before coming to Canada in 1950 to reunite with Danny Marr in Kamloops. In 1951, she gave birth to Evelyn. Together, they ran Danny's Groceteria until their retirement in 1967.

Subject: Families ; Women

Subject - Geographic: Kamloops (B.C.)

Personal Names: Marr, Sue ; Marr, Danny ; Marr, Harry ; Marr, Frank ; Marr, Evelyn ; Wong, Charlie ; Wong, Hang Heng ; Wong, June ; Marr, Frances ; Marr, Lester ; Hills, Benice ; Marr, Denice ; Wong, Debbie ; Marr, Andrew ; Mar, Natalie ; McHugh, Toni ; Adams, Jennifer ; Marr, Sarah ; Marr, Rachel ; Marr, Briannon ; Marr, Jonathan ; Wong, Matthew ; Wong, Kimberley ; Wong, Ryan ; Mar, Andrea ; Mar, Kathryn ; McHugh, Chloe ; McHugh, Logan ; McHugh, Audrey ; Adams, Benjamin ; Adams, Mia ; Wong, Howard ; Wong, Chun Kwan

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chi Title: [Sue Marr 的訃文]

chi Description: 訃文簡述 Sue Marr 的生平。離世時, Sue Marr 已是百歲高齡。Sue Marr 和 Danny Marr 於1928年結婚,一直留在中國照顧兩名兒子 Harry Marr 和 Frank Marr。直至 1950 年, Sue Marr 和兒子來加與 Harry Marr 團聚, 而在1951年生下 Evelyn Marr。她與丈夫 Danny Marr 居住在 Kamloops。他們一起經營 Danny's Groceteria 至 1967 年退休。