[Interview with Albert Lee 3]

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Title: [Interview with Albert Lee 3]

chi Title: [李棣華的訪問 3]

Creator: Yoshizawa, Alejandro

Subject - Geographic: Vancouver, Canada

Date Created: 2011-09-08

Description: Albert Lee talks about a reflection of early Chinese history in the Maritimes. He discusses the content of a letter written to the Glory Cafe in New Brunswick during the 1940's. A father writes about the conditions back home in China to his son working in Canada. The father thanks the son and asks for more money and help.

chi Description: 李棣華講述加拿大海洋省早期的華人歷史。他論及一封在40年代寫給新不倫瑞克的 Glory Cafe 的信。信裏的父親寫給在加拿大的兒子關於中國的狀況, 並希望兒子能給他們提供經濟支援。

Personal Names: Lee, Albert;Yoshizawa, Alejandro

chi Personal Names: 李棣華

Subject: Family and personal life - Finances

Is Part Of: UBC INSTRCC Video Collection

UBC Call Number: 34-Albert Lee Glory Cafe Letter .mp4

Language: en

Genre: Video

Format: mp4

Source: UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies.

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Project Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezAuqzMxmtc