About the Collections

These digitized collections consist of materials that document Chinese Canadian history represented in the holdings of UBC Library, SFU Library, City of Vancouver Archives, Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP) community partners, and other community contributors. The collections contain digitized photographs, audio/video recordings, manuscripts (including correspondence and diaries), newspapers and other publications. The digital collections can be searched individually or all at once. To conduct a search, enter keywords, place names, personal names, or dates using our Search function. You can also Browse the collections individually.

The Chinese Canadian Stories digital collections are made available in compliance with Canadian copyright law. If you are a rights holder and wish to contest the use of a specific resource, please contact UBC Library Digital Initiatives at digital.initiatives@ubc.ca.

Notices should include:

the title and url of the specific work(s) in question;
confirmation that you are a rights holder or an authorized representative of a rights holder; and
the reason for the concern.

UBC Library Digital Initiatives will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of concerns raised and will make every effort to respond to notices within 5 business days.

Upon receipt of what the UBC Library determines is a valid complaint, the specified work(s) will be made temporarily unavailable until such time as a resolution satisfactory to the UBC Library is reached. Possible resolutions include:

The resource will be made accessible again, unchanged.
The resource will be made accessible again, with agreed upon changes.
The resource will be removed from the UBC Library’s digital archives.